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Original Subbuteo Patent from 1946 (450k PDF)
Subbuteo Employees' Memories (by people who were involved in the manufacturing)
4-4-2 Magazine article on Subbuteo (690k PDF)
The Official FISTF Rules (32k)
Football Express Rules (3.4mb courtesy of Mark Brady)
Indoor Edition Rules (courtesy of Christakis Ioannou)
Top Scorer Rules (courtesy of Christakis Ioannou)
Rugby Sevens Rules (courtesy of Christakis Ioannou)
Rugby Rules (courtesy of Christakis Ioannou)
Hockey Rules (courtesy of Christakis Ioannou)
Fencing Adverts (83k MS Word file, courtesy of Paul Eyes)
More Fencing Adverts (3265k MS Word file courtesy of Shaun Allison)
Scoreboard Labels 1970 (15k MS Publisher)
Scoreboard Labels 1972 (15k MS Publisher)
Scoreboard Labels 1974 (15k MS Publisher)
Scoreboard Labels 1976 (15k MS Publisher)
Rugby Scoreboard Labels (15k MS Publisher)
The Subbuteo Sound Record Sleeve & Label (3.1mb)
Subbuteo Photo Real Players (zipped Excel file) (8k) (courtesy of Paul Woozley)

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