Roy Scheider

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Roy Scheider

Post by PhippsFlix » 11 Feb 2008, 22:33

Sad to hear of this guy's passing & that he only ever gets credited for being in 2 Jaws films.
He was a supporting role in Gene Hackman's finest work The French Connection too.
All That Jazz was another........

Heyward Floyd in 2010;Odyssey Two

From red to blue

Post by From red to blue » 12 Feb 2009, 03:05

Sad that old Roy died. We watched Jaws again at the weekend as it happens. Spooky. Except it was Jaws The Revenge, and Roy wasn't in it.

I enjoyed 2010 because it answered the big questions posed in 2001. Was that a good thing? I don't know. But every time Roy Scheider came on screen I expected a shark to appear from somewhere. That's the trouble if you make it big in your first film - you can never shake it off. Michael J Fox managed it though - Back To The Future is a classic, and when I first saw his sitcom in the late 90s - the name excapes me now - I thought I'd never get Marty out of my mind, but he proved he was bigger than that character and was actually really funny.

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Post by Vikash » 12 Feb 2009, 04:59

Sitcom was called Family Ties (I think???). I liked that show very much. Fox was the character that made it, in my opinion.

Really sad to hear of Roy Scheider's passing. One of the many underrated actors, and always gave me the impression of being a good person off the screen.


From red to blue

Post by From red to blue » 12 Feb 2009, 19:51

I never saw Family Ties Vik, but I think that one predated Back To The Future. It's the one he did afterwards in the 90s I really liked. His character was a PA to a senator or something like that. Does that ring a bell?

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Post by jd1973 » 28 Dec 2018, 01:37

Spin City is what you are thinking of....

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