stadium dimensions

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stadium dimensions

Post by sammyboy249 »

Afternoon all.

Love the stadium designs and all hugely unique. I've got the cotton style pitch 2012 version. Just wondered what the dimensions ideally would be measurement wise in terms of structuring the stadium, with room to implement the Grandstands and also with room to manipulate the goal keepers.

Do people use thick MDF or chipboard for mounting pitches? I realise a lot of the questions posed will have a various range of answers.


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Re: stadium dimensions

Post by Sickage Flickage »

Regarding the material for the board, I first used MDF but the issue is that if it gets damp at all (I stored mine in the garage) it warps and swells quite badly. I now have my pitch mounted on 9mm thick plywood. I had to get it delivered as a sheet 2.44m x 1.22m wide and cut it to size.

Which brings us to the dimensions: I don't know about the 2012 pitch but the old pitch is about 900-920mm wide. If you want grandstands down both sides they are each 180mm deep so you would struggle to fit all this on a standard 1.22m wide board. If you wanted terraces down one side and grandstands on the other, you might squeeze it all on by overhanging the terracing slightly, as long as the terrace supports can rest on the board.

However I think you can find builder's merchants who might sell you plywood sheets in non-standard widths, so you could specify a width to suit.

Fitting everything on a standard 2.44m length is not usually a problem though. I got around the goalkeeper issue simply by adding a piece of terracing along the side. Once you add the corner terraces it creates a generous space behind the goals at each end. Each grandstand / terrace is about 300mm long, so if you have five grandstands down the side (or 3 + a terrace at each end) then your end terraces / grandstands will be well clear of the backs of the goals. Plenty of room for the keepers.

I think all the above is correct. I can't check because my stadium is all in boxes right now. I only have the pitch, goals & fencing mounted on a board currently. I just get it out of the cellar and drop it on the dining room table and I'm ready to go.

My plan is to have a full size (2.44 x 1.22m) board, possible hinged in two places so it can be folded down. When I want the full stadium experience I can get this out, drop the pitch on top and set up all the stands / terracing / floodlights around it.
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Re: stadium dimensions

Post by Wacca »

Sickage is spot on with his measurements. I have two pieces of 18mm MDF, one 5 ft x 4ft (1.52m x 1.22m) the other 5ft by 3ft (1.52m x 0.91m). If I want to just get the board out for a game, then the 5 x 4 is fine. Also fits the slightly larger modern pitches with no overhang.
When I set the stadium up as (same number of stands etc described by Sickage) 5 foot becomes the width and I just butt the two pieces of MDF together. So 7 feet long and enough room to fit floodlights behind the corner terraces.
MDF got from B & Q and they cut it for me as well. Could probably have got cheaper if I’d shopped around but somewhere in region of £40 for the two from memory.
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Re: stadium dimensions

Post by Cantillon »

Hi pondering something similar myself not sure whether to keep the pitch fitted to a board and slide 2 other boards underneath to accommodate stands when needed.
With the 2 boards butted together that you use does the join effect the roll of the ball ?
Cheers Mike
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